Well, hello there and welcome to our newest feature: Married with Buttercups! Being the stellar whores that we are, we thought we would tap into the collective well of relationship trauma each of us have acquired over the years to provide you with some insights into the riddles, puzzles, conundrums and straight-up bullshit that is ‘an intimate relationship.’  And lest you think we haven’t got your particular area of the love spectrum covered, fear not for in one handy dandy feature you get:

Trixie – Been there, done that — twice.

kadinsky – Married 5 years but a whore 4 life.

BiscuitDoughJones – The Newlywed, so precious!

Tailfeather – Single and Struttin’, leaving ’em in her wake.

And all for the low, low price of nothing!  That’s right, you pay not a cent, but you must act now.  Send us your questions, your what if’s, your should-I’s and could-I’s today!  Hurry!  Operators are standing by!