How in the name of Pete does this commercial for Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5 make any sense??


The imagery is beautiful no question, however the tranquil and relaxing theme is about as disingenous as you can get.  

I blogged about the troubles that Terminal 5 foisted upon its travelers when it first opened back in April, and it seems that British Airways is going above and beyond to try and reverse the negative feedback since then.  BA is launching a positive spin campaign with a website that claims to feature “real time emotions” of the passengers, who can choose to describe their mood (about Terminal 5) using one of seven words; happy, excited, calm, impressed, frustrated, disappointed or angry.  Okkkkkaaayyy.  

The site gives you a timeline which you can drag the marker back and forth on, to display the feelings of the passengers surveyed throughout the day.  You’re also supposed to equate these “feelings” with the weather that is viewed through the windows of the terminal.  Whatever, the concept is interesting but the execution looks less than reliable.  There is a graph option which is much easier to read, although I find it suspect that when I view the graph for ‘Angry’ it’s pretty much always flatlined.  Someone is ALWAYS angry at the airport, especially Heathrow.  

Regardless of BA’s data analysis methods, I fucking hate this commercial.  Yes, it’s beautiful to look at but an incredibly poor choice for an AIRport commercial.  All I can think of when I see it is the Lost City of Atlantis, yo.  Every single time I am left with the impression that the Terminal fucking sank to the bottom of the ocean, because WHY ELSE WOULD THERE BE SEA CREATURES GLIDING AROUND IN AN AIRPORT??