So yesterday, while everyone else was gorging themselves on turkey and pumpkin pie, I shook off the flu that’s been plaguing me for a week and did a ton of housework. While toiling away, I found myself thinking about an old elementary school pal,  Jeffrey Yamamoto, and lovely boy who had a crush on me. He was very cute, and smart, and in later years I wondered why I didn’t like him back.

In any event, I hadn’t seen or spoken to Jeffrey in almost 25 years when he sort of found me through a mutual friend about two years ago. We had a brief, pleasant, catch-up conversation, and I hadn’t really thought of him since.

But yesterday while I was sweeping the leaves off my verandah (the leaves!! Always with the leaves!!), Jeffrey for some weird reason popped into my head quite suddenly, and without any real reason. An hour or so later, I went upstairs and glanced at my berry and saw that Jeffrey had e-mailed me an hour earlier, out of the blue!

Is that weird or what?

Anyway, I e-mailed back, told him how strange it was because I had just been thinking about him, and he said the same thing happened to him. That out of the blue, an hour earlier, he just suddenly found himself thinking about me and wondering how I was.

So we caught up — his wife just had a second set of twin boys — and reminisced about our childhood, but both of us were intrigued by the fact that we seemed to have had some kind of weird ESP moment.

I always have this tendency to have a song pop suddenly into my head, some obscure Leo Sayer or Nick Gilder 1970s bad pop hit, and then hear it within the hour in a store or on the radio. I was telling my dear friend Millicent Wafflehousen recently about how, when I gave birth to my daughter, I had this overpowering feeling of recognition when I first looked at her, as though I had seen this baby many times before. I realized that, in fact, I had been dreaming all my life about a baby with her exact face.

What about you? What are your ESP moments, and what do you think they mean?