I know this is a pathetic single woman’s lament and I apologize in advance for perpetuating stereotypes.

But I am one of those people who needs to feel an immediate physical attraction to someone or I cannot proceed. Indeed, the few times I have proceeded, figuring maybe I would come to find them hot if I got to know them, it has resulted in dismally unsuccessful relationships. By way of brief background, I can tell you that the person I have loved the most and the longest in my life was someone who walked into a room and caused my jaw to literally drop in lustful awe.

In any event, it has been a long, long time since that sort of thing happened to me. And yet when I moved here, I had to deal with someone at the embassy a few times on the phone. He was very funny and had a husky French accent. The first time I went to the embassy to take care of something, in strides this totally sexy Hugh Grant lookalike, with slightly less floppy hair and wearing a totally beautiful Armani suit. My jaw dropped.

It turned out to be my French-accented friend.

And, you know, he’s married. We went out to lunch today and he’s still married. And not behaving in any way inappropriately although he did kiss me on both cheeks today after lunch was done and told me I looked 16 in my jaunty tweed cap. But that is a French thing.

Of course, I will not go there — hell on Earth is to be in love with a married man. But goodness, he is fine. Really, really fine.