“Shame Shame Shame” by Shirley and Company is hands-down my favourite disco song. My daughter is home for Christmas, and as we love to do, we are currently cuddled in bed with our laptops and introducing one another to great songs.

She showed me her favourite disco song on YouTube, Earth Wind and Fire’s “Let’s Groove.” I went looking for mine, all excited, realizing I’d never actually SEEN Shirley and Company before. But I just knew that Shirley HAD to be some hot little vixen in a sequined mini-dress, and the guy singing with her was most certainly a hot sexy black dude. Imagine my surprise:

Oh dear. Nice …. sweatsuit? And is that Kenny fucking Loggins?

Anyway, what’s your favourite disco song? And if you’ve YouTubed it lately, were you stunned?

After the jump, a reassuring reminder that for every YouTube disappointment, there’s always a sublime moment that surpasses even your highest hopes.