I know it’s my job & all, but I really have no idea about the benefits of the Goji Berry. I’m thinking the big “miracle” can be chalked up to the incredibly, extremely, ridiculously rare phenomenon of this fruit being privy to a high concentration of antioxidants. Like the acai berry. And blueberries. And cranberries. And citrus. And green tea. And white tea. And black tea. And seaweed. And broccoli. And spinach. And, like, almost every other fruit and veg currently growing out of the dirt on this planet. So yeah, I’m not really going to bother researching the Goji. I already know everything I need to know about it already, and what I know is that I have a strange, Pavlovian response to hearing/seeing the word Goji Berry. Whenever I see the word, like in this email:





I automatically bust out laughing. Find out why, after the jump OK, don’t get your hopes up or anything, because this skit is really not that funny. I saw it on Gawker ages ago, and for some reason it stayed with me, probably because anyone who’s been to a yoga class has met this guy. Also, there’s a sort of The State quality to this skit, which really takes me back (speaking of, does anybody know if/when The State will be out on DVD?). Check it out: