I am fascinated by this.  This Madoff case?  This what-the-fucking-shit-bajillion-dollar Madoff case?  I’ve been speechless.  I’ve been following it online for the last few days and the MSM has apparently just gotten around to it – there’s the AC360 special, right there.  So, now the SEC has literally leaped on to the sword, stepped forward right at the beginning (eh) and said, ‘Right, that’s us, over here yes, we did it, sorry.’  




This never happens!  They never admit to it right away, nonono, first we must waste millions of dollars and manhours on an ‘investigation’ – what is this just giving it to us like that?!   


I’m so confused.  I know someone is lying to me.  CNN is calling him a “financial psychopath”, which sounds about right.  The guy was a NASDAQ chairman for chrissakes.