You know how MAC comes out with a new collection, like, every 4 seconds? I mean, we juuuust heard about MAC partnering with Hello Kitty:


From what I hear, this line is most disappointing to HK fans and MAC fans alike. Apparently, the colors are too “hot”, like the over-saturated neons of the MAC Fafi collection. Everybody knows that HK is all about baby pastels. C’mon! Actually, folks are buzzing that MAC HK is basically MAC Barbie and MAC Fafi in different packaging. Oooh, burrrn.



And then there was that cool Cremesheen lipstick collection: 



I’m so over gloss right now. Basically any lipstick collection will win me over, but the colors here really are great. There are a few great shades for women of color, too: Hang-up, Dare You, and Party Line. However, MAC lipsticks feel so heavy to me (almost like I can taste the lead MAC lipsticks often test positive for). Similar colors in a nicer feel can be found in the mango butter lipstick from the new Korres Color line . 




Oh! And then there was Dazzlelash, with it’s real claim to fame being that 90s-Shirley-Manson-esque promo photo:



I don’t know about the mascara, but this photo is HOT.  






Metal Urge cashed in on the metallics trend on the Fall runways:
I really like the metallic liquid liners here. Granted, Urban Decay has been doing metallic liquids forever, but these are much more sophisticated and less glittery. 




Most well-received of the latest collections, however, was Monogram:
I haven’t been able to try this stuff out yet, because of the crazy holiday shopping crowds choking up every cosmetics counter in every store in every shopping center, but I hear that the Monogram Sheer Mystery Powder is approaching YSL Touche’ Eclat cult status. 



What more could this company possibly premier within a 6-month period? The new collection is after the jump.



Other than, “cool enough picture,” my first reaction was “meeeeeeeeeehhhhh.” My second reaction? “Liquid eyeliner in pen form NEVER works.” Never. the tip always gets clogged up with whatever base or shadow is already on the lid, which both impedes the flow and contaminates the product resulting in uneven, muddy gray liner. Always. You never get a precise, true black out of a pen. Just buy a pot of gel liner and learn to draw it on with a brush. You’ll find that this method is, in fact, easier. Trust. Third reaction: “Those eyeshadow colors are kind of bori- hey wait! Matte grays? No way! Cool.” “Eh. Look at the name of that rad medium gray, “apres ski.” Gag me.” I don’t know why, but the term “apres ski” bugs the shit out of me. It’s become one of those culture vulture Francophile cliches like “je ne sais quois,” and I’m really over it. You know what it reminds me of? Like, you know how on Gossip Girl, it’ll be like, OK, Serena’s being charming, she’s swanning, she’s tossing her hair and doing that thing where she turns the charm up to a point where it completely defies reality. Like, no one would ever act that way in real life (ahem, biting the rim of a martini glass), and no guy would ever fall for it. Guy’d be like, “Um, OK. Why are you all of a sudden acting like we’re smack-dab in the middle of a rom-com cuddle-love montage? No one talks like this. Ever.” And just when you think Blake Lively couldn’t stretch your suspension of disbelief any farther, she squees over some mention of the Louvre or whatever and starts randomly spewing horrible French in the most pretentious, I’m-supposed-to-be-this-cultured-socialite-who-grew-up-cavorting-around-Europe-but-I’ve-got-all-the-class-of-a-can-of-aerosol-cheese way possible. Oh, and you know, usually she’s got her tits barely contained in some plunging neckline while all of the above is going on, all, “look, they put these puppies in through my armpits and I may not be able to get away with sideboob because of it, so frontbutt it is!” Yeah. It burns us.

 Fourth and final reaction: “This photo is familiar. With the face all framed out with fold-y material, and the pastel, almost dead quality to the colors….” I’m thinking of a very specific pop culture touchstone of a photo here. I’ll give you a couple of hints: Trey Mac Dougall and “where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air.” First person to guess wins a good cup of black coffee. Or a donut. Or an owl. Or a log.

 Anyway, what are your thoughts on MAC’s Chill? Or Blake Lively’s obvi-fake knockers? Or whatever you wanna talk about.