Things have taken a turn for the worse. The father of my children has finally arrived, and for reasons I have never understood, he likes to stir my mother up. She gets louder, more racist and more obnoxious in his presence. It has already started.

She just said something about “Orientals” getting preferential treatment at the airport when she left Toronto. My ex laughed and laughed, which just eggs her on further. She also seems to think she has cracked some major security falldown because she was able to have three cookies in her carry-on bag. And because they don’t check the checked baggage anymore like they used to in the old days. YES THEY DO, I have now told her four or five times. They put it through an x-ray machine after you’ve checked it. There are explosive-sniffing dogs. They open some of the bags and go through them. Your checked baggage does not get a free pass from security, for God’s sake. Remember Sept. 11?? She pretends she doesn’t hear me.

The question now is: I have one Percocet. I need it badly; things are getting tense and she is emboldened by my ex’s presence and is starting to get rude and snide towards me when I tell her that CARPETS are Oriental, PEOPLE are Asians. “Get off my back,” she has just sneered and snarled at me. The nasty is emerging. I hate the nasty.

If I eat after taking the Percocet, that will neutralize it, no? I should take the Percocet after dinner, no?????