Firstly, I have had a very merry Christmas. Matter of fact, I’m still in my fancy little PJs and robe drinking a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon and eating See’s truffles. We took a break from all the bedroom dancing and playing with toys and watching of Jason Statham movies to have dinner and lo, I discovered that our dear Eartha Kitt took her leave, so I am watching Just An Old Fashioned Girl and I Want To Be Evil on youtube. How can you top the lyrics “I’ll ask for such simple things when my birthday occurs, two apartment buildings that are labeled hers and hers” or “I want to be horrid, I want to drink booze and whatever I’ve got, I’m eager to lose”?

I discovered her years ago through the same friend who got me into Jane Austen and guerrilla feminism. It was right on the dawn of my realization that I was gay, and she (Eartha Kitt) provided the perfect background to so much of that time in my life. The petite and I would listen to her in the car on so many chilly school mornings! As B says, Bless it.

*Contributed by SkinnyBoneJones*