Have you ever had a dream in which you either had great sex with someone or else were going out with them in your dream, and then you woke up all swoony and feeling madly and passionately in love?

When I was 15, I had the most awesome love/sex dream about Elvis Costello while he was still a skinny geek  (his best look, if you ask me) and I swear I was in love with him for the next 20 years almost solely on the power of that dream.

Last night? Vince Vaughn. Not Vince Vaughn now, but Vince Vaughn somewhere between “Swingers” and “The Wedding Crashers,” and in fact he looked in the dream just as he looks in the photo above. Although, truth be told, I have a crush on VV and even find him adorable while bloated. I love his face and his Cheshire grin and his laugh and if he’d been bloated in my dream, it would have been just as awesome. There is just something so manly about VV.

Anyway, in this dream, there was no sex, but we were out in public and trying to make our way home to have sex. We were crazily in love. He kept picking me up and I kept calling him “Mr. Big and Tall.” We were necking, laughing, and totally into one another. We then ran into a Debbie Downer friend of mine who proceeded to attempt to bring me down about something, but Vince literally swept in, threw me over his shoulder and marched me away from her. Then we necked while I had my legs wrapped around his waist and he grinded his boner into me. Too much information, I know, but I actually woke up feeling genuine love for the man.

Vince? Call me! I’d like to thank you for rescuing me from Debbie Downer. And I think you know what I’d like to do with that boner.

Tell me, BCPers,  have you ever woken up in love with a celebrity?