I don’t know if it would be strictly accurate to call Seung Ri South Korea’s answer to Justin Timberlake, but I will say this – the boy is luscious and the comparison is an easy one to make.  His real name is Lee Seunghyun and he just turned 18, which means he gets an only slightly guilty second look here on BCP.  Seung Ri is part of a South Korean hip hop and R&B boy group called Big Bang, known for their sartorial style and writing and producing their own music.  Below is the video from his solo song (featuring fellow band member G-Dragon), “Strong Baby”:

YUM.  Upon the third viewing, I even spied a Timberlakean crotch grab around 3:04. 

Now, I have not been generally attracted to Asian guys, but I have noted that when I meet or run across a major CAB, they are among the best-looking dudes on the planet.  We’ve all rolled our eyes at certain guys and their alleged fetish for Asian women – is there an underground, feminine fetish for Asian men to which I’ve not been privy?  And is it really a “fetish” or just your aesthetic preference?  Why don’t we see more hot Asians in the Western media?  I also realized that by even identifying Seung Ri as a CAB, I’ve qualified his hotness by highlighting his race, in a way that I would never clarify that another hot guy was white or black, or even Hispanic.  Is this racist, or an an acknowledgment of otherness bred by the fact that Asians are so underrepresented in mass media?  But wait!  If it was a hot Norwegian guy, I would definitely use that as a descriptor.  So…

Maybe I am overthinking this and need to sit back with a glass of wine and watch “Strong Baby” again (especially the shirtless bit at 3:13).  Maybe a hot guy is just a hot guy and an adjective doesn’t have to be loaded – besides, I feel worse over the fact that he’s only 18 than any racial confusion I’ve talked myself into.