kitler81Of course there exists a website dedicated to photographs of cats that look like Hitler.  The only real question is why this site didn’t come about sooner.  Browse (catchy and easy to remember!) for all your adorable, mustachioed Kitler needs.  Be amazed by the number of cats actually named “Adolf”!  And don’t miss the complaints submitted by Kitler-non-enthusiasts, the most idiotic of which I have excerpted below:


yo dude your site is kinda gay, no offence butthe catrs dont look enough like hitler, i saw one where the cat is in anazi uniform, more of those cuz thats funny, the rest is kinda gay
 – Evan 
Evan is a visionary, people, and he likes to see things done properly!  Is that so wrong?  Now, some people have found this website legitimately offensive, and I fully respect their viewpoint.  It gave me a couple seconds pause myself.  But I take the point to be, as I did the first time I watched Mel Brooks’ magical rendering of “Hitler On Ice” in History of the World: Part I, that Hitler deserves to be mocked, and mercilessly so. 
This is not to underestimate or downplay the heinousness of his crimes against humanity, but because Hitler would hate it.  He’s earned the scorn and derision that make him such a satisfying figure of ridicule. 
So what do you think?  Is this harmless and amusing, or actually offensive?  Dressing up in a Nazi uniform for Halloween would be construed by most as poor taste (at the very least) and, somehow, “Dogs That Look Like Pol Pot” wouldn’t raise a chuckle.  Not to go all Book Club Discussion on you, but why does the Kitler seem to work, in comparison?