Gosh it was a lovely 24 hours of fast, uninterrupted Internet access. I was swooning with love for Comcast, wondering how I’d ever lived without his sweet, sweet love.

But at 9:30 last night, suddenly I could no longer get online. I called. After initially having no record that I was a customer, the very nice man at the tech support centre heard my tale of woe and tried to ping me to get the connection up and running again. No luck. It’s an outage, then, he said, and it will probably be back up tomorrow.

I went to bed feeling uneasy. It was bitterly cold, of course, so perhaps that might have caused some kind of outage. I told myself this even knowing for all my years online in Canada, I never once lost my DSL or broadband Internet connection despite cold snaps, raging blizzards, etc. Oh God, I thought to myself, have I been mislead by Comcast? Is he not who he says he is? Chiding myself, I finally slept, certain my connection would be back in the morning.

It’s not. I have had Comcast for two days, and one of those days has involved no Internet. They say there’s an outage and yet they don’t post news of outages anywhere online. What if it’s not an outage — what if Comcast has lured me away from an unworthy suitor but is every bit as unworthy? And what if my house is just an Internet black hole?? Is there such a thing as satellite Internet providers? Do I need to explore that possibility? No, Comcast! Not you! Not you too!