Sometimes the best part about YouTube are the comments below the videos. Unlike Perez Hilton, where the commenters are routinely brain-deficient (!!FIRST!!@!!!), or egghead sites like Buttercup Punch where the commenters are all so articulate and intelligent that it’s almost intimidating, YouTube is a democratic mix of the two. Take the exchange between two who showed up to watch this video of the plane crashing into the Hudson on Thursday:

unclesahm: THIS IS PROOF THE US DID 9/11!!! Those are DEFINITELY the TWIN TOWERS, because they were 60 stories shorter than the OFFICIAL story AND in MIDTOWN and with a PLATE GLASS EXTERIOR. This is obviously a video of a previous attempt by the US GOVERNMENT to take them down but that was ABORTED before it could happen. THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11 WILL COME OUT!!!1!

Tammyawilson: Those aren’t the Twin Towers, moron. It’s the Time Warner Center.

Short, sweet and effective, Tammy A. Wilson!