Peep this clip, y’all.  Myself, I gave up on SNL because now it’s just curly headed dudes who aren’t funny —  but this made me laugh.  And smile for a while, which is pretty good considering I almost got fired today.  Or maybe I did and I just don’t know it yet.  Either way, today I managed to remind myself that there is more to life than striving for perfection in your work and corrupting your spirit along the way.  We have a new President, one that has inspired people in ways we have forgotten.  My friends are beautiful, amazing people and I am so glad to know them.  My blog has wonderful readers who make me laugh every day.  My husband loves me and tries to be the best version of himself for me every day, even when I don’t always make him feel as loved.  And I have really good weed, so I’m off now to be sappy and reflective somewhere else.  Peace, hookers.


Big, sloppy, wet ones to FozzyDaBear for sending this — it was just what I needed.