So… We all know that I’m lame in that I live in a sort of culturally-remote place, and thereby most of my friends are “internet friends.” That being the case, many of you also know that I am decidedly NOT lame, because said friends are some of the coolest, warmest, most amazing people anyone could ever have the privilege of meeting. I will say that things in Friendshipville have been sucking for me lately b/c my job/commute/husband/househunting/dog is a major freetime-suck, and my internet is unreliable of late. So, I’ve not been able to spend much time with my internet sistas, and let me tell you: It is SAD. As Skinny Bones Jones says, “no sad pandas.” Anywhoodle, lametard me had to find out some big news about one of my friends the other day (uh, waaaay after the fact) over the phone, from another friend:

 My fantastic, adorable pal’s fantastic, adorable longtime boyfriend proposed to her!!! On her birthday!!! With a Ring Pop!!! OMG, I die. I diiiie! So romantic and lovely!

 And you know what? Said bride-to-be pal who is probably reading this? Immediately. Right away. As soon as I heard the news, a.) I cried, and b.) this popped into my head:



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! *weep* For anyone to conjure images of Jim Henson musical numbers in my mind, well, that’s pretty much the highest complement I can think of!

 I am so happy for you, pal! I wish you and your man all the happiness this crazy world has to offer and much, much more! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!