Some of you bitches already know this but I spent most of Inauguration Day puking. Oh, it was not pleasant, because Inauguration Day happened to be one of the biggest work days of my career. Yes, I worked while puking and while doubled over with cramps, shaking, sweating and feverish. I blame a rogue chicken salad sandwich eaten late in the day on Inauguration Eve in downtown D.C. Bad, bad move.

It sure made for fun times!

In any event, the grossness finally subsided about four hours ago. And what delicacy did I find myself craving? Cinnamon toast.

Is there anything more comforting? I think not.

Just combine equal parts sugar and cinnamon, toast some bread (it really has to be white bread, I think), butter it liberally and sprinkle the cinnamon-sugar until you have a thick layer of sweet buttery goodness. With a cold glass of milk (I might come to regret that in an hour), what could be better?

I just hoovered it back and so far so good. No shrieking from my stomach: “You idiot! Are you out of your mind???” No pain. No nausea. Just sweet comfort and satisfaction.

What’s your favorite food when finally recovering from an illness?