eco-handsI read this post today by a neighbouring WP blogger, and it really sums up a lot of my feelings about all things ‘green’.  You know, G-R-E-E-E-E-E-E-N, the buzz word for everything you see, buy and need these days.  Employment – better to work for a green company.  Advertising – green products are marketed to consumers as the elite must-have.  Consumer – green products are better!  buy green!  don’t be caught dead without the fashionable Gruene. Business – green companies are on the rise, all that non green to make…….green.  (see Employment.)  Porn – oh yeah, there’s green porn!  Ew?  At some point, it started feeling fake to me, “being green”.  But, how could that be?  I’m a logical person, I understand the detrimental effects humankind has on the planet (and the media reminds me hourly, natch) and yet, there are times when I just say, Fuck It.  I can’t win for trying and I’m never green enough, so, fuck you, Green.

But, not really.  Come on, Green, you know how we are.  You know we fight sometimes and do things that we know will hurt the other, but, it’s like we just can’t help it.  It’s in our DNA, you know?  Well, I don’t have to tell you that, you know that.  Right?

I dunno, man.  What d’y’all think?  Can we ever be green enough, each of us in our personal lives?  Will we ever really “repair” the planet?  Actually reverse the polluting effects we have now?  Or is it all really just a placebo to help us get on with it?  I like to think that I’m able to maintain certain baseline habits that I feel must be helpful to the environment; not wasting electricity, conserving water, not driving a car if I can walk, smoking herb instead of drinking booze, re-usable grocery bags.  But I can’t imagine giving up my washer/dryer, my always on internet connection, meat or the use of most plastics.  I’m not likely to get a job as a forest ranger, hemp clothing designer, surfer or nomad, so I’ll be working in a building with central heat and air and a coffee shop in the lobby that sends millions of disposable cups to the landfill every month.  Sigh.

We all have our own Green Guilt*, what’s yours?


*thanks, boo!