OMG, hookers.  Here I am feeling all good about myself for having a healthy (read: non fattening) breakfast of egg whites and a smoothie and what do I click on?  Only the sexiest, most luscious hunk of meat to ever parade around these parts.  Feast your eyes on:  The Bacon Explosion.


Mmmmm, I can hear certain friends of this blog drooling right now – you know who you are.


Yes, that is crispy, crumbly bacon rolling around on a pallet of sausage, being held in place by bacon rebar.  Is it wrong that I want to immerse myself in this flavorful, juicy, meat construction?  I think not.



I’m not gonna lie, the neatly crisscrossed pattern makes me think of a delicious, flaky pie crust lattice.  Mmmm, pie + bacon.  Sorry if I salivate on you.