Ahhh the BlackBerry. I have had one for years and I must confess my love is deep, abiding and strong. I really felt for Barack Obama when it looked like he’d have to give his up. I got shaky just imagining it.

But the Berry has got me in trouble at times. Saucy exchanges viewed mistakenly by other people and taken the wrong way. E-mails sent on the run to the wrong person, and ABOUT that person. Not to mention the way it starts randomly dialing people — always the most inappropriate people — without your knowledge whenever it gets jostled in your purse, and you later look down and ask: “What the FUCK?” while cursing yourself for not having deleted the contact information for that weird Colombian guy you briefly dated and quickly fled.

My berry and I have had our moments.

Nonetheless, nothing is as rip-roaringly funny as what happened to my paramour today. He fired off a PIN to me that expressed his desire, in quite hilarious terms, to do something naughty to my knockers, always his favorite body part.

But instead of sending it to me, he sent it to a prominent politician whose last name is right beneath mine in his contact list.

Oh. Dear.

I have been laughing so hard I can barely breathe for a half hour. The esteemed Mr. Trix-Smith has yet to respond to my paramour’s dirty missive.

I have always wondered if there’s a book to be written about Berry mishaps, or at least the trouble modern technology has caused people in their personal and professional lives. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t accidentally forwarded an e-mail to the wrong person, for example.

What’s your most embarrassing technological mishap?