I finally got around to fixing my RSS feeds and have oh, a couple months worth of blogs to catch up on, but first I need to address something.  See, last year I told Myrtlebeachbum I would post about the most embarrassing songs on my iPod and then I never did it.  Actually, this particular topic has been raised several times among the BCP crew (mostly because Trixie has some bizarre love of Bryan Adams and thinks my listening to Norah Jones is a crime) and for one reason or another it just didn’t get done.  Well, I’m doing it now and yes, I am sufficiently shamed of what I have spent $.99 on.

Now, because Apple and iTunes are fuckshit evil bastards, I have lost approx 60% of my digital music to an unseen hand.  So, in the following lists I have marked those songs which technically cannot be counted against me because iTunes up and ate them so, no body, no crime*. 

– Ashlee Simpson: Pieces of Me*

– Ashlee Simpson:  La La*

– Britney Spears:  In The Zone (album)

– Britney Spears:  Blackout (album)

– Brooks & Dunn: Hard Workin’ Man

– Bubba Sparxxx:  Ugly

– Carrie Underwood:  Before He Cheats

– Chingy feat. Ludacris:  Holidae Inn

– Christina Millian:  Dip It Low

– Damien Rice:  O (album)

– Dave Matthews Band:  various*

– Def Leppard:  Let’s Get Rocked

– Enrique Iglesias:  Hero*

– Fergie:  London Bridge

– Foreigner:  Complete Greatest Hits (album)  (whut?  lookit, when you move to the Midwest you find out this and Journey are the official drunk singalong bands of Wisconsin.)

– Garth Brooks:  various

– Ginuwine:  Pony*

– God-des & She:  Lick It

– Gretchen Wilson:  Here For The Party

– Hilary Duff:  Come Clean*  (omg!!)

– Howie Day:  Collide

– Ice-T:  New Jack Hustler

– Jessica Simpson:  Sweetest Sin*  (clearly I downloaded these when Newlyweds was still on.)

– Kansas:  Carry On Wayward Son*

– Kris Kross:  Jump  (aww, retro!)

– Maroon 5:  The B Side Collection (album)  (Trix, you should know I have not listened to any Adam Levine since Toronto, you win.)

– Mase:  Been Around The World

– Master P:  Them Jeans*

– Nick Lachey:  This I Swear

– NSYNC:  All of them, every single song.  Don’t judge!

– Lisa Marie Presley:  Lights Out*

– Shakespere’s Sister:  Stay*

– Sisqo:  Thong Song*

– Soulja Boy:  Crank That

– Toby Keith:  Beer For My Horses*


Jaysus.  I’m torn between laughing and hiding after looking at this.  Okay, your turn.  Confess those shameful tunes you listen to when no-one is around.  When you’re done, we’ll make a special mix tape for Trixie.