We got this from a reader send in, with lovely timing since BCP’s own Patsy, TrixiefromToronto is also hungover today.  Feel better, sweets.


Fox is supposed to be airing the as-yet-to-be-made pilot of the ‘Absolutely Fabulous‘ remake.  According to EW, Kristen Johnston of ‘3rd Rock’.. fame will be playing Patsy and Kathryn Hahn of ‘Revolutionary Road’ is set to play boozer Edina.  I could think of worse casting, so let’s hope this shit is funny since AbFab alum Jennifer Saunders is assisting with the remake.  But if it’s anything like NBC’s ‘Kath & Kim‘ (which will not fucking DIE no matter how many bomb threats I call in) then off the side of the mountain with them!

Oh, and I heard that CW is remaking motherfucking ‘Melrose Place‘, but no.  I just can’t.  Don’t ruin my memories of Michael’s crazy stalker bitch ripping off her weave with that gnarly scar, plz, kthx.

*Contributed by BCP Reader Mandy Who*