Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote this post about my worst flaws, and urged you all to share yours?

I vaguely recall, in the hellish 24/7 all-work-all-the-time frenzy that has become my life recently, that I mentioned I would post something soon in which we discussed our best qualities.

I was reminded of this last night when I had to fill out the questionnaire for some fucking stupid thing and I had to list three things I liked about myself. I don’t mind saying, I found it difficult. But in any event, read my rundown of what I like about myself,  both trivial and profound, after the jump, and then leave yours in the comments. It’s a Buttercup Punch Group Therapy Love-in!!!

1. I am compassionate to a fault. There’s no junkie, no sad sack and no complete fuck-up whose story I won’t find in some ways quite heartbreaking. I can almost always see the good in people, except nasty, mean, lying people — they get cut off.

2. I am a loyal friend. I would jump on the next plane to comfort a friend with a broken heart, for example.

3. I am intelligent and, as my shrink once pointed out to me in admiration, psychologically minded. Chances are I can figure out why you act the way you do and help you work your way out of it. I probably could have been a shrink.

4. I am pretty funny if not consumed with rage, despair or exhaustion.

5. I never hesitate to apologize if I fuck up, and I mean it.

6. As my douchebag ex once told me, I always right myself, even when I’ve done or said something terribly wrong. I WILL make it up to you.

7. I love all living things. I can’t even kill a spider; I will catch it in a Kleenex and take it outside. I realize this is at odds with my love of eating cow, however.

8. I am a giver and a nurturer. I love to take care of people, to comfort people, and to shower affection on my children and whomever I love. The best man in my life tells me he has never been more loved than when I am kissing every inch of his (hot) face.

9. I am a fine cook.

10. Physically? I like my lips, my arms, my hands, my boobs and my voice. Notice these are all physical characteristics  involved in loving and nurturing … huh … I just realized that. Anyway, also: I have a nice eye colour, blue with a pale-green rim around the pupil. My hair’s never caused me any problems. When 10 pounds thinner, I have great legs.

I cannot tell you how DIFFICULT it was for me to come up with that list, and to bring myself to type it out. Women. Why is it so easy for us to beat up on ourselves, but so difficult for us to recognize what’s good about us?

In any event, let’s hear yours!