Hey! Remember how I used to blog about makeup before all of the doomsaying and talk of Endtimes set in? Well, I’ve finally got an excuse to get back to that (even if what I personally want to do is encapsulate the contents of my savings account in a cement pillar)!! BCP reader Sonia asks:

Are you familiar with the new PIX (ed: it’s actually Pixi, but their new logo obscures the ‘i’ on the end, there) line of makeup at Target? The lip glosses look fabulous, but at $18.00 a pop these suckers better stay on, moisturize my lips and cook dinner.  Is PIX a yea or a nay?

What are your views on lip stains? What are your favorite brands? Which ones are suitable for women of color? I am finally giving up the spermy lip look.

My recommendations after the jump!

OK, so first, my thoughts on Pixi- they used to carry Pixi at Sephora, and I’m not even sure if they still do, but on the whole I’m kind of ‘meh’ on the brand. I once bought an eye palette of theirs, and the colors are WEAK. They barely registered on my face, but the glitter they packed (oh yes, glitter, lots) was very noticeable, and it spread around to everywhere on my face but my eyes. But, had it actually stayed on my eyes, it wouldn’t have mattered, as the whole look was a bit juvenile. The shadows seemed like they were trying really hard to make me look like a Bratz doll.


Valtrex is my co-pilot.

But, that was a few years ago. Pixi’s current direction seems to be the whole Carmindy tip- read: natural, natural, natural. It seems to me like their stuff packs enough punch to look great in person or in the office or whatever, but I wouldn’t let somebody photograph me with those barely-there pigments on. No siree. On the whole, I think Pixi is pretty overpriced, considering neighboring options on Target shelves like the Boots collection and Sonia Kashuk, which are much more grown-up and cheaper in some instances. If you’re going to pay more than $7 for a lip gloss, you might as well invest in an actual luxury brand. For example, Lancome’s Juicy Tubes are $18, they come in a wide range of colors, many of which will suit women of color, and they last about as long as a freaking cold sore. Which is too long, I know, and gross, but I speak the truth. I only have one teeny free sample-sized tube of clear Juicy Tubes, it pretty much takes care of all of my gloss needs, and is showing no signs of running out any time soon. A little dab’ll do ya, ladies! JT will stay on through at least one bout of eating and drinking, but any more than that & you’ll need to re-apply the lentil-sized amount it takes to coat the lips. Just a little tip from my mouf to yours.

juicytubeFor a medium-to-dark skinned gal, the JT colors I’d recommend are: Plum Souffle, Tarte Tatin, Creme’ de Cassis, Icon of Stage, Berry Bold, Bolole, Berry Bold, Star Shower, Constellation, Fifth Avenue Frosting. More than enough options to choose from.

However, glosses and stains are entirely different animals. Lately, putting my ear to the ground re: makeup trends, it seems like gloss is being demoted from must-have status. For a while, it was shiny, shiny, spermy lips everywhere, but now the goopy, glossy lip is looking passe’. The basic fact is that gloss typically has zero staying power, and I think gals are sick of having to re-apply. I know I am. So, fuller-bodied lipsticks and stains, for good reason, are the new makeup darlings. I am fully the conductor in the lip stain love train, as I am both extremely cheap and extremely lazy, and stain lets me have it both ways. I’ve tried every stain there is: Tarte is too greasy and slid off my skin before any stainage could take place. BeneTint is very stain-y, but doesn’t come in enough color varieties for my liking, plus it’s a little bit messy and unwieldy to use. And, that’s not even addressing the high price and difficult-attainability (dudes, the nearest Sephora is clear across town from me) of the aforementioned two. So, my #1 stain heartthrob is Cover Girl Outlast Lip stain. In fact, my love for the CGOLS is so strong, it can only be expressed in Blingee:


This stuff is major. So major you have to say it like Posh: MAYY-JAH! It’s only about $7, comes in a great many shades (which, based on the success of the product, they plan on introducing more), the felt pen style applicator is convenient and mistake-proof, and the shit lasts all goddamn day. It lasts through the 10 or so cups of tea I drink per day and three meals. Fan-fucking-tastic. Even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t buy any new makeup or make any frivolous purchases for the forseeable future, I really needed this stuff. See, given my work schedule, the crappy weather, and the shortened days, my mug hasn’t seen the sun for going on 3 months. I cannot believe how sickly, pale, and washed-out I look. If I were to go out & buy foundation right now, my shade would probably be called Kohler.


The bold look… of my pasty ass.

This is just the product I needed to get me through this winter without arising suspicions in my workplace that I’m a Twilight fan or some shit. I’ve been wearing this stuff plus a healthy sweeping of blush on my cheeks every day, and it’s really done wonders for my self-esteem. It’s like the redemption scene at the end of Scrooged, “I’m aliiiiive and so are yoooou!” Cover Girl should package these stains with a coordinating shade of blush and call it “Undead-Be-Gone”. Hey, if BeneFit can do shit like that, why not the drugstore giants? Anyway, Cover Girl, if you’re into these great ideas and many many more involving Bill Murray references and George A Romero films, I’m available as a marketing consultant (mimes hand-phone to the ear, mouths “call me”).

Now, if you go to CG’s website or read reviews on some blogs, you will find a few peeps who say CGOLS don’t stay on. Take it with a grain, because there are a few application nuances that have to be mastered in order for these stains to stay put all day. Here’s how you do it:

1. You’ll want all remnants of dead skin off the lips before applying, because your flaky bits will stain darker than the healthy lip skin, and give your lips a scaly look. Not appetising. So, take a soft bristle toothbrush, run it under warm water and gently brush the chap away.

2. Pat your lips dry. Then pat again, because you want your lips to be extra dry. Any left-over water drops may interfere w/ the stain.

3. Apply your lip stain slowly and carefully. Stay inside the lines & all that. If you want the color really sheer, do one coat. If you want it more intense, let it dry for 30 seconds between each layer until you get your desired color.

4. Let dry for a few minutes and then apply a moisturizing lip balm. This is a very important step. I found that not following the stain with a balm shortened the wear of the stain by half.

5. Let balm soak in for a few minutes, apply lipstick or gloss, if desired. I’ve not done this yet, b/c the stains are so pretty and natural-looking, I find they don’t need anything else, but you may want a little sparkle or whatever, so have at it.

Well, there you have it. I hope this answers your question, Sonia! Any other beauty queries can be directed at buttercuppunch at gmail dot com.