Last week I was at a club and hurriedly made my way to the restroom/loo after my fourth pint of London Pride, continuing my nationwide tour of horrific public toilets in the UK.  Wherein I was delighted to discover not only actual loo roll and a minimum amount of unidentified liquid on the floor, but also a stall wall combining two of my favorite things in the world:  PostSecret and bathroom graffiti.


Reading these, I was hit by a wave of familiarity/drunken affection for my fellow females and the unique experiences that connect us all.  Poignant, witty, ashamed, narcissistic, superficial and profound, the bathroom confessions struck a chord with me in their nakedness.  Like the girl I met and shared tissues and a hug with in another pub restroom the night before (crying over an ex but trying to pull herself together because she was at a work function), the ladies’ room provides some veneer of comfort and safety that invites frankness.  Maybe because it’s a shared but intimate space, and maybe because it’s a respite from the spirited noise of the bar itself, but escaping for a touch-up and a moment of peace is always such a relief.

I’ve been amused by a great number of humorous scrawlings on the Horrific Public Toilets World Tour, and thought I would share some of my favorites from this particular stall:


“I slept with him and now he ignores me…  I feel small and stupid.”


“My eating disorder rules my life & I hate it!  :(”


“I’m here to bring him back to me”


“I (love) Ron but he’s one of my best friends  :(”

“We just did drugs”


“I told my boy I stopped smoking.”

“I’m fucking ill and it sucks  :(”

“I’m Pregnant and too scared to tell anyone”

“i (love) my ex  :(”


“I’m not actually bi but straight and noone believes me cos I got with so many girls.”

“<– More commonly known as an attention seeker”


“Marie was here… for 5 hours, throwing up.  Emily waited outside xxx”


“My friends Piss me off, cant wait 2 go travelling + get away from them all…  …Roll on the good times”