Another rant.

I have been calling my state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for, oh, about three months. If you are not an American citizen and you want to get a driver’s licence here, you may no longer show up at the DMV — they will turn you away. No, you must first phone ahead and make an appointment. Even though the website assures you — with much fanfare, and with a big “What’s New!” announcement in October — that such appointments can now be made online,  whaddya know, that feature is unavailable! When you link on over to the online appointment page, there’s nothing there.

And so you phone. And phone and phone and phone.

And this is what happens. You hear that weird tone that suggests the line is out of order. And then you get the operator saying: “We’re sorry. All circuits are busy now. Will you please try your call again later? Thank you.”

Well what motherfucking choice do I have, operator? I have been trying my call “again later” for weeks and weeks and weeks.

It is becoming clear to me that the Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t want people to drive, or hates foreigners. Once again, I am a bit astonished at the monstrous inefficiencies of American bureaucracy. Is this from lack of spending? How did it get this way? Why has it been allowed to happen? Why does anyone think this is normal in one of the biggest, wealthiest countries in the world?

So so so so confused.