gordon-ramsay-conanI am so mad right now that I’m not going to bother trying to write any kind of cohesive post. I’m going to rant. And you’re going to like it.

The deal is this: British “Chef”, fan of obscenity, and all-around prick Gordon Ramsay was on Conan last night. Per usual for the overinflated limey windbag, he had an awful lot to say. Normally I don’t put much stock into his puffed-up bile-spewing. His irrepressible crudeness is usually good for a chuckle, but on last night’s appearance, he let a comment fly that made my blood run cold. This quote and the video are over on Eat Me Daily:

“When McDonald calls him a “cook,” Ramsay responds “Big boy, use the word ‘chef.’ Ladies cook.”

Um, excuse me? Aw, HELL NAW! First of all, motherfucker, LADIES CAN BE CHEFS, TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Hard to believe, I know, but it is a fact. What the fuck is Ramsay trying to say here, that he deserves a title -which connotates power, achievement, honor, and respect, simply because he’s a man, while ladies who do the same job get no such recognition? So, what he’s saying is that females, by virtue of simply being women, despite any amount of ability don’t deserve titles and all that goes along with them? Or, is he saying that the act of preparing food itself has less merit when a woman does it, as opposed to when the kitchen is blessed by the superiority of the male sex? You know what, I don’t even think that anything resembling a thought went through Ramsay’s brain before the gaping, flapping hole in his face barfed out that priceless little soundbite. This is just the way this ridiculous, small little man thinks, just like so many other men in the restaurant world. One thing I can give Ramsay credit for, though, is that with one little off-the-cuff statement he did manage to handily sum up everything that is wrong with not only the culinary world, but also with every prestigious industry that makes it damn near impossible for women to get a foot in the door. It’s shit like this that is the root of the pay disparity problem, sexual harassment in the workplace, the glass ceiling, even domestic violence. When a group is openly thought to be a lesser being than another group, the only possible outcome is degradation and oppression.

I say FUCK THAT. There is no reason why when a man does a job it’s suddenly worthy of respect, but if a woman does it, it’s just some menial task that should be overlooked or altogether written-off.  So fuck you, Gordon Ramsay. Stupid misogynist motherfucker can eat the biggest bag of dicks and choke on it, and I hope nobody gives his ass the Heimlich. I swear to god, I will never buy one of his books, tune in to his goddamn TV shows, or in any way support such a despicable, condescending bastard. And if I see him on the street, man, I will cut him. Words, knives, whatever.