Today a message arrived in my inbox that filled my heart with joy:

Hello Trixie:

It’s Juan here, just letting you know that we are now setting up appointments for spring cleanups. Let us know when you’d like us to come by to mow the lawn, trim the shrubs and do some mulching.

What was that, Juan? It’s Feb. 13! Where I’m from, that’s pretty much winter’s halfway point. Are you for real, my beloved and wonderful and totally awesome Juan???

Indeed, spring has sprung in D.C. For four of the past seven days, it’s been above 60 degrees — it was 72 on Wednesday. My front lawn is in full bloom with crocuses and snow drops. In early February!

For a Canadian girl, I can’t tell you how wondrous this is. Not to mention mood-lifting. It’s spring!! SPRING in February! I literally feel like Alice in Wonderland.

This makes all my continuing hassles with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and with Verizon, and my inability to find a decent baguette, and the fact that people keep insisting I say “aboot” when I DO FUCKING NOT, all worth it!