Hi there!  This week I ask the ’17 Questions for You City People’ to our friend London_Calling who, as it turns out, served me my very first Yankee Thanksgiving meal.  It was different than what I’m used to, but it was very, very good (seriously, what in the world is tofu turkey?  I didn’t try it).  And, as mentioned last time, she was the only one to correctly answer the last question, and that conveniently allowed me to post a picture of two of my favorite things.

So, here we go:



How old are you?  26 

Did you grow up here or move here? When?  August of ’04 – weekend of the Republican National Convention, nothing like carrying a ton of house stuff while dodging protest marches and Republicans

Neighborhood?  Windsor Terrace if I’m trying to sound good, Kensington if I’m telling the truth

What do you do at your job?  Sit on the internet all day, eavesdrop, spend more time on the internet, plot the exact optimal time to go home so as to get a seat on the subway without leaving the office too early

Who is the most famous person you have seen randomly?  Either a double-shot of Zach Braff and Mandy Moore (when they were dating) or Ryan Adams, who joined me and some friends for dinner when he was dating a friend of a friend.  [I have never heard of Ryan Adams, therefore I Googled him, and I still don’t know who he is.]

Do you know how to cook…if so, do you cook? Yes, I know how to cook, and yes, I do, but not all the time.

What is the first clue someone is a tourist?  They’re walking at half the speed I am, and are right in my way.

I had to wait for a second train this morning because there were so many people on the train…DON’T THEY KNOW WHO I AM?  They do know who you are, they’re just allowing you to take the second, less crowded train.

In the South men carry wallets, but here they carry purses. What’s up with that?  People don’t have cars to keep all their crap in.

What is your favorite covered dish?  The crack that is General Tso’s chicken from the chinese place on 7th Ave and 15th Street…it comes with a cover on it… [You know this isn’t a covered dish!  Anyway, as that sounds like it’s in my hood, is it spicy or is it bland like most of the food I find around here?  Do they deliver?  What’s it called? – B]

Booze, pills or weedBooze – I work in politics (not that that doesn’t stop a lot of other people…)

 I keep seeing people with “The North Face” on their coats.  What is that?  ‘Tis a brand of overpriced, overhyped winter wear, that people think is high quality and very warm, but I’ll put it this way, nobody in Minnesota wears North Face to keep warm.

 In the South we go to church on Sunday morning.  What do you do?  Coffee, bacon, egg and cheese bagel (plain, toasted), The Sunday New York Times online.

 What is your favorite place to go/thing to do in the city? Driving/riding on the BQE/driving/riding into the city at night, with everything lit up.

What is the air speed velocity of an unladened swallow?    http://www.style.org/unladenswallow/ – though, have to say I prefer swallows laiden with coconut shells myself…

 What is your favorite Lindsay Lohan movie?  The Parent Trap  [That’s my favorite, too! – B]

 And, lastly, cake or pie? I find the cake vs. pie argument to be limiting, and rather simplistic in it’s precept. It is not fair to discriminate against other desserts, and so therefore I say brownies. [You are correct!  Although I am firmly in the cake camp, I believe that brownies are the best of all.  Have you tried my SitOnMyFace Brownies?  I shall make them soon.-B]



Here is a picture of two of my favorite things:  the aforementioned brownies and my KitchenAid mixer.  I love my mixer.  Now, these brownies are best when only 2/3 cooked.  You then eat them from the pan with a spoon and a big glass of milk.  Do you spy cream cheese?  Yes, you do!  AND, in a new twist on the old recipe, I used BOXED BROWNIE MIX.  I only learned of this phenomenon last spring when our Inchworm brought me some.  Now, of course, it’s not as good as homemade, but it’s damn close, and a lot quicker.



Bye-Bye for now, please join us next week when we will hear from our old friend SinisterRouge!


*Contributed by BAngieB*