Off Mt. Timpanogos with Utah State Sen. Chris Buttars!



Oh, those crazy queers.  I keep forgetting how immoral they are. 


Well, you know who doesn’t forget?  Utah State Senator Chris Buttars.  Thank goodness for him, because he takes pride in saying he’s “killed” every piece of pro-equality legislation in Utah for eight years.  Senator Buttars agreed to take part in a documentary by (openly gay) filmmaker Reed Cowan about the Proposition 8 campaign to ban gay marriage in California and the involvement of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He told Cowan that gay activists are “probably the greatest threat to America going down.” These remarks were not made behind closed doors, but openly and unapologetically in a January 30th on-camera interview with Cowen, taped in Buttars’ official Senate office.  Other highlights of his interview include these comments:


-“What is the morals of a gay person? You can’t answer that, because anything goes. So now you’re moving toward a society that has no morals.”

-LGBT people “are destroying the Constitution.”

-Their “number one goal is to proselytize to youth” and use schools as “a recruiting station.”

-They will “destroy the foundation of American society… In my mind, it is the beginning of the end.” 


He has long complained that gay people lack morals and are trying to indoctrinate others into a gay lifestyle.  Well, The Human Rights Campaign got mad, and are demanding that Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups condemn his remarks.  The campaign says more than 15,000 e-mails had been sent to Waddoups by Friday.   Of course Waddoups feels the same way as Buttars (actually, I’mma start calling him butthead.).  And says that he speaks for many of the people in Utah.

This isn’t the first time Buttars has been called on to step down.  Last year, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People demanded he resign after it found a statement he made on the Senate floor offensive. While referring to a bill he disagreed with, Buttars said, “This baby is black, I’ll tell you. It’s a dark, ugly thing.”  Buttars brushed aside his critics and won re-election in November.


So, Senator Butthead, here’s a big fuck you from me and my peeps.  (And please add a side note of learn some grammar, because it should be “what ARE the morals…” not “what is the morals…” .)  And now it’s time for our RedHeadedAmazonUberVixenCubsFan to call you a dumb motherfucker, because I have to go now so I can complete my Homosexual Agenda for the day…it includes telling our friends Skinny and M that we are GLAD they got married in California and that the Prop 8 supporters can kiss our collective asses.  Such fucking as.


*Contributed by BAngieB*