Y’all? Winter needs to end. Like, now. It’s been teasing me the past few weeks. Like, there’ll be one glorious, balmy 60-degree day and then that night the temp will drop like a stone and OH! Snow flurries the very next day. Seriously, this shit is out of hand. Add to that my apartment is all dark and dusty due to all of my shit in boxes, which are stacked up near the windows. My place feels so small, cluttered and closed-in. It’s like I’m living in RuPaul’s tuck garments- oppressive snugness. And I can’t escape outside for the freezing, 20mph winds. This is awful. AWFUL. I blame Punxsutawney Phil. That little beady-eyed motherfucker cursed us all.  

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Predict 6 more weeks of winter, and you’re all alone. In your stupid groundhog hole. Prick.

 Since spring is not likely to appear anytime soon, allow me to share with you my lusty longings for the upcoming season.

cherryblossomYou know, I don’t know what it is about cherry blossoms, but I luuurve dem. And I’m not even fond of the color pink, really. Maybe it’s just the way the pink looks against the clear blue sky that is just magical and heavenly. And before anybody gets any ideas to tie my love of cherry blossoms in with my (admittedly) weird liking of many Asian things, I will say that my fascination with this flowering tree began way before I knew that China and Japan were not the same thing. The first time I saw blooming cherry trees in abundance was in a history textbook in middle school. The chapter was something about Our Nation’s Capital, and it was illustrated with a photo of blossoming spring in DC. Besides some ho-hum magnolias (Mississippi and Georgia have the best Magnolias), Louisiana didn’t have much in the way of flowering trees, so I was smitten. Anyway, the CBs were blooming in my hood on that one warm day last week, but I think the frost that followed killed them.  :(  So, no hanami for me this year. Siiiiigh.

The only blooming that I will be able to observe will have to be that which is happening on my face. This Givenchy blush is from their India-inspired collection for spring. It’s a sheer, buildable, glittering, opalescent pink called Maharani Pink and I want it soooooo baaaaaaaad. But, at $42, this blush is pure fantasy. Not gonna happen.
Instead, I’ll turn to my trusty Revlon A Floral Affair shade Pinking of You blush that I bought last spring.



I really like this stuff, but it really does need some shimmer to really set it off. I’ll probably end up mixing the blush with some cheap shimmery eyeshadow to hack the Maharani Pink look.

miss-dior-cherieY’all. So, I did the dumbest thing this morning. I was flipping through my new Sephora catalog over breakfast, and there was a scent card for Miss Dior Cherie inside. Thoroughly charmed by the print ads and Sofia Coppola-directed commercial, I thought I’d rub it on my wrists and give it a little try. Big. Mistake. I’m actually not that into perfume, so I figured that this one’d be a write-off as well. Not so! Miss Dior Cherie is the scent I’ve been waiting for all my life. Light yet warm, green yet sprinkled with musks and amber, feminine but not screaming S-E-X. In fact, the smell is very flirty and young while still being sophisticated. The description on Sephora says:

 “This is a modern fragrance that captures the timeless couture spirit of Dior. A new interpretation of the original Miss Dior fragrance, Miss Dior Cherie combines pure couture spirit with the audacity of youthful, playful notes for a fresh approach to a timeless classic. Notes of chic, green tangerine, violette, and pink jasmine mingle with soft patchouli, musk, and delectably sweet strawberry leaves and caramelized popcorn for a delicious scent that’s truly irresistible. “

Normally, I don’t put much stock in the scent description, as I can’t usually pick out 1/2 of the smells they reference, so I was all, “caramelized popcorn?” But then I sniffed my wrist and OMG! There is a definite popcorn-y smell there! Not enough to where it’ll make you smell like a movie theater floor, but there is a toastiness to this perfume that adds to it’s depth. This perfume is like riding a bike past a fair taking place in a field of flowers while following the scent of an ice cream truck on a warm summer’s day. Fantastic. And the bottle is adorbs:

missdiorBut, at $72, I cannot have it. My birthday’s not till the end of the summer, so I’ll have to beg Mr. Panda to get me my present early… If any of you know where to score any decently-sized samples of this, I’ll airmail you your weight in homemade brownies.

I may be craving spring sunshine, but age really is starting to rear it’s ugly head all over my face, and I’ve got just one thing to say about that: I AIN’T PLAYIN’ WITCHOO NO MORE! You hear that, fine lines? I ain’t playin’ withchoo! It’s about to get serious up in here. SPF 55. Every day. For the rest of my life. I don’t care if being tan makes me look thinner. I’m done with the sun. I ain’t playin’.

Another Sephora treat I’ve been longing for is Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie. This winter has been harsh, and my hair is literally breaking off in my hands. I think $19 is a fair price for a tub of yummy-smelling stuff that should help repair my mane. Uh, or maybe I’ll just save my money and do my usual hair mask of olive oil, egg whites, honey and coconut oil. But that just doesn’t smell as good. :(


nendo-socket-deerI love how certain ideas are just out there, floating in the ether, and lots of people may be thinking of them at the same time. Well, I have a problem with my husband’s 5 freaking phones charging all over the place. It makes it hard to vacuum when they’re lying all over the floor, but I can’t unplug them because my husband’s messy ass freaks out when anyone moves the little piles of clutter he leaves behind him like droppings behind a carriage horse. Clutter = man droppings, heh. Anyway, I seriously contemplated installing little hooks or shelves over his favorite charging outlets, but I thought that would be a little bit weird. Well, here Nendo offers a stylish and sensible solution. Trouble is, they’re currently not in production to buy. Oh well, I may just make my own out of twigs, wire & plasti-dip or something.


Finally, something I can have! Wood-toned Sharpies! Genius! See, anyone who’s ever waited tables knows that the best fix for bleach spots on your dress blacks (this happens a lot, as the busboys usually slosh mop water all over your legs while you’re still closing down the wait station at the end of the day) is a black Sharpie. Good on this brand for knowing the use range of their product so well. I’m sure I will be buying a bunch of these to cheapo/quicko/tempo fix the dings that moving is about to inflict on all of my wood furniture.


Another big project for me this coming spring is planting an herb garden. Mr. Panda and I are obsessed with fresh dill, rosemary, and cilantro, and I use at least one of the three in nearly every dish I cook. Buying that crap in the store is crazy-expensive, and we need to cut costs big time. Being that it’s too cold and too early to start my herbs outside, I’ll be sprouting seeds in my windowsills for the time being. Here’s a quick-n-dirty seedlings tutorial at Curbly– Look at ’em grow! Precious!


jasmine-tea-381x244And finally, what Panda Love post would be complete without a seasonal drink (usually tea) recommendation? This season, inspired by the flowers I hope to see popping up in my hood soon, I’m drinking Jasmine tea. I buy mine for like, $1 per 20 bag box at the local Asian markets. Place 6 bags in the bottom of a 1-gallon plastic pitcher, cover with 1 kettleful of just-boiling water. Put the top on the pitcher (making sure there’s a little opening for the steam to escape), and let sit for around 10 minutes. Remove tea bags, fill pitcher with cold water, chill in fridge. I drink mine one of two ways: Ice cold, straight from the fridge, or ice cold with a big splash of orange or clementine juice. Refreshing and delicious! The perfect accompaniment to lying on a blanket in the warm sun, reading a book in the park.

Happy Spring to you all! Tell me, what are your favorite things this time of year?