… you’ll see all week. From HuffPo:

Cat In Bong:  Man Arrested For Smoking Bong With Cat Inside


No, it’s not just the bud talking, the meows are coming from inside the bong!!!! OMG, I know it’s terrible, it’s animal cruelty and I love kittehs as much as the next person, but this is pure comedy gold. I mean, how hard is it to smoke out your cat? Not hard, especially considering that cannabis and catnip are in the same family. When I was in high school, my dad was always getting pissed at me becuase my cats would not stay out of his stash. Their favorite thing to do in the mornings was dig joints out of the laundry basket (which is where he kept them -?-) and bat them around on the floor like some kind of stoned, feline version of air hockey. One time they actually got ahold of a bag and the ate the entire thing. After which they ate an entire bag of cat food and laid around on their backs making low grumbling noises for nearly two days. Bless ’em. Anyway, yeah, getting a cat high is not hard, so there is no need to stuff them into Billy Bong Thornton and go to town.

…. And then there’s this:

“MSNBC’s Tamron Hall covered the story and was unable to stifle her giggles as she introduced the “sad but true” story. The network evidently felt the story lacked a certain realism because they played the sound of gurgling water over the anchor’s report. Anchor Contessa Brewer couldn’t quite believe that the cat was stuffed inside the bong, but as Tamron informed her, “I understand you can make a bong out of anything.” There were then more giggles all around.”

Amazing. That is all.