I was having a conversation with my girlfriends the other day about the merits or non-merits of U2 (an aside — I haven’t really liked much since “Achtung Baby,” thought “The Joshua Tree” was over-rated but loved “The Unforgettable Fire” and truly adored almost all early U2). Amid the conversation  I realized:  This band has been a major part of the soundtrack of my life since I was a teenager. Has any band as big and influential and successful as U2 stayed together? Not very many.

I bought “Boy” in 1980 when I was 16, I danced for years to songs like “I Will Follow” and “Pride,” I was there when Bono sported the ridiculous mullet-y pompadour, I had the hots for Larry Mullen Jr., I played “All I Want is You” over and over again while in love and pining, I played “Desire” over and over again when I was in love and horny, I rocked my babies to sleep with “One” and “Bad” on the stereo … basically, I have grown up, and gone through my adult life, with this band, and then watched my children get into them as well.

And that’s why the above photo makes me feel so goddamned old. Sweet mother of Christ, Bono is an old man. Look at him!! When did this happen?