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Welcome to a new feature for all the 420 friendly folks out there, Ganja Gab.  We’ll be talking about all the do’s, the don’t’s, the how-to’s and the never-do’s when it comes to your favorite recreational activities.  Gotta question you always wanted to ask but didn’t want to get caught not knowing?  Have a topic or drug you’d like to know more about?  Send ’em in and the internet will keep you anonymous while I tell you what you want to know and keep you from looking like a newb.  Or worse, a narc.

Today, we’re starting with some basics: Pot Etiquette, after the jump.

One thing that I always marvel at is how every stoner the world over knows the same basic rules of weed.  These are isit420yetpassed on from toker to toker, never written but always word-of-mouth, yet it never gets distorted.  You can be sparking up anywhere from New Orleans to New Delhi and you’ll find the same observed behaviors.  It’s all about the sharing, people.  Pot smokers really are a generous and democratic bunch — if only everyone followed these same principles the world would be a much better place, yo.

Today I was chatting with my good friend and fellow stoner, BritneyCanadaWhore, and we came up with the following basic rules of weed.  BCW points out that there are *subtle regional differences to be found within these rules, so always allow for a little cultural wiggle room.


– Never pass an unlit joint or a cached bowl without warning.  (As in, “Here you go, (pass) I think it’s cached though”).

– Always pass the lighter with the joint or bowl.  (Lighter theft is a common occurrence when smoking with others, but try it with me and you’ll be sorry when I pat you down like TSA before you leave).

– When sharing a fresh bowl it’s bad manners to torch the whole thing, leave some greenery for others to get freshies from.

– Respect the Roller’s Rights (aka, the joint-roller lights the joint).

– No slobbies on a joint, keep it dry for everyone’s enjoyment.

– When passing a j, make sure the person you’re passing to can take it without getting burnt.

– Never criticize someone’s weed, it’s just bad form.  Plus, unless they grew it themselves there isn’t anything they can do about it anyway.  And if they did grow it themselves, you’ve just guaranteed you won’t be invited to another session again.

– Never dig into someone else’s stash.  Tokers are sharers so there’s no need to pinch.

– If you’re with a bunch of people who are already smoking and you have some on you, pitch it in.  This is like buying everyone a round and an instant convo starter or ice breaker.

– When buying from a friend, it is customary to smoke a little right then.

– Don’t bogart (duh).  Srsly, puff, puff, pass is the way to go.  A joint should make a full rotation back to whoever started it at least once.

– Don’t pocket someone else’s roach.  If you haven’t picked up on this yet, sharing is caring.

– If the joint starts to canoe, fix that shit before you pass.  It sucks to get a fucked up joint.  (Canoe = one side burns down but not the other.  Just wet the tip of your finger and press it to the side that is burning down to stop it so the other side can catch up).

And maybe the most important of all Pot Etiquette from BCW;

– Smoke anyone who’s down.  Or else take your jam elsewhere.  Weed is for sharing.


*We compared notes and found that in some parts of Canada they roll their joints with tobacco whereas others do not.  I find this to be a uncommon practice in the U.S., usually found in Europe, especially with the Dutch.  So, you may find yourself having to choose between a blended joint or a regular.  There are also differences in how the blend is done, some places it’s 50/50, some places it’s a handrolled tobacco cigarette with a little bit o’weed mixed in.  To each their own.

Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed a good session.  Join us for more next time when we answer reader questions, take a tour of a pot farm, discuss vaping vs. smoking and whatever else we dream up at 4:20.  Keep it easy, y’all.

*Contributions by BritneyCanadaWhore*

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