Piggybacking off my Barbie post, I bring you more beauty tidings from the runways! Actually, since that Barbie show was from a while back, I actually had some time to marinate on what those looks mean for makeup and hair trends. I was so struck by that retro Barbie look, so imagine my excitement to see that style carried on throughout the runways of the world.

rollbangsRed lips! Rolled bangs! Just like the O.G. Barbie! I never would’ve though I’d catch the Mattel mania, but I’m so charmed by this look. In fact, I love it in spite of the Barbie thing, because it’s less evocative of her and more a throwback to the fifties in general. The rolled bangs are the best part, because it’s a re-telling of the retro look without resorting to the played-out side-wave “screen siren” bangs. It’s so much more youthful and playful than the Veronica Lake look.



Speaking of played-out looks, I am getting really sick of the 80s power makeup. However, I make an exception for this look by Issa.  The girl on the right looks like Dale Bozzio!!!!! I am SUCH a sucker for a Missing Persons reference. Or just 80s commercial glam punk. Still waiting for the fashion world to do a tribute to the Fabulous Stains…  


But anyway, there are a lot of interesting makeup to be found on the London and Milan catwalks, so I do recommend you to click through the full slideshow on NYMag’s blog The Cut if you’re so inclined. Just don’t bother reading the comments on the original post. It’s just bad. Actually, OK, you know what, I take so much umbrage with the responses that I must climb aboard my little beauty soapbox for a sec:

This slide show was upsetting. Is ugly the new beautiful?

By etoilegirl on 03/05/2009 at 2:24pm


Is this really what fashion has come to? I saw this slide show and couldn’t even believe it was real. The way they made these women look is actually degrading to the business and makes them so hideous i cringed while looking at it. I don’t understand the thought process that could have possibly brought make-up artists and designers to come to the conclusion of making ugly the “in” thing.

By KCHIC on 03/06/2009 at 2:31pm



By kspampata on 03/10/2009 at 2:30pm


Gross.. all of those girls look 2 seconds away from death.. the makeup doesn’t help either. I just puked a little.

By lindzani9 on 03/12/2009 at 1:23pm


It’s painfully clear that not only has most of The Cut’s readership never before seen a fashion show and the styling that typically accompanies such, but they are also regrettably unacquainted with one Mr. Oscar Wilde. “The ugly can be beautiful. The pretty, never.” Meaning (since the Juicy Coutards need everything spelled out for them) that beauty is in the business of extremes. True beauty lies far outside the range of conventional attractiveness. Which is something anyone who knows anything about art or fashion would know. Which is why The Cut needs to disable its comment section. The End.

Anyway, back to the bangs. These pics are from London and Milan fashion weeks, and we all know the Euros are more keen to embrace wacky fashion trends that nobody Stateside would dare touch (I mean, Amy Winehouse’s hair had to come from somewhere), but based on the prevalence of this trend I can safely say that:


You will…













It may not happen this year. May not happen next year. But I’m pretty sure it will happen. For some of you. Or maybe just me. Oh! Except that I may not be able to roll my incredibly grown-out bangs anytime soon, because I may be chopping them the hell off. It all started when I stumbled upon Anna Leader’s stills from the French film L’Annulaire:














Want. That. Hairdo. So badly. But, I’ve been putting off getting my locks chopped for months now b/c I’m just too scared. Long hair will do that to a gal. I was so much more adventurous when I had short hair. I didn’t care, b/c I knew whatever I did would grow out reasonably in a couple of months. But still, “baby bangs” are so short. So, so short. They’re a major commitment. But, seeing pics of other people willing to take the plunge has given me more courage.



Amelie wasn’t afraid of teeny bangs!




And then there’s her. Nothing compares 2U, Audrey.




A tad too much 90s flare for my taste, but she still looks cute.



And while Christina Aguilera looks as cheap as a gumball machine ring, I still think these bangs are fab on her.



I just don’t know what to do! Baby bangs or rolled bangs? Rolled bangs remind me of Sean Young’s character in Blade Runner, one of my all-time favorite movies, but baby bangs are likely more flattering and low-maintenance.


40s Fierce…



Or 50s Cute?




What do you all think of this crazy bangs trend? Any takers? How should I do mine?