happybirthdayslutFile under “Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know Until I just Told You Just Now”:  This month marks ButtercupPunch’s one-year bloggiversary! Pack yer bowls! Break out the Dom Peri! It’s time to celebrate! …. I feel old!

Anyway, let me just take this moment to say how fun it’s been writing for this site, how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know you commenters, sharing my innermost braindroppings with you, and engaging in an emotionally abusive relationship with the WordPress blogging platform. It brings a solitary, glistening, weeping-flatteringly-out-of-one-eye-a’la-Demi-Moore-in-Ghost tear to my eye, I’m so proud to be a part of this community of awesome peoples here in our cozy little corner of the interwebs. I love you all so very much. I love you in a totally SFW way that still manages to incorporate candlelight, fuzzy camera filters, bear skin rugs and roaring fireplaces. Which brings me to:

 OMG90sERASLOWJAMINTERLUDE: (this is the best “video” I could find of the song that has the Pavlovian effect of popping into my head everytime someone says the word “anniversary.” Made for you and me. *snap* It’s our ann-i-ver-sa-ry! *snap*) 



Yeah girl, yeah. It’s our anniversary. A small cup of tea to you and me* and also to Tony Toni Tone. Because it’s our anniversary*. I know, girl. I know*.

 So, to celebrate our baby turning one year old and trading bottles for sippycups and diapers for “big girl panties,” we’d like to pass some of our joy onto you regular readers, commenters, lurkers, and contribulators. The deal is that we’ve never been really in love with our banner/overall design, so we’d like to challenge anyone whose up for the task to design a new BCP banner. Or logo. Or somesuch. I feel like if you’ve been reading long enough then you’ll get the general tone of the site and you have an idea of the types of images we typically use and soforth. So basically anything goes (except that some of us {me!} aren’t crazy about pink)! The winner will receive a care package containing a gift from each of the Buttercups, specifics to maybe be announced later, or possibly specially tailored to the winner. We haven’t really decided yet. Regardless, the gifties will kick a bunch of ass, so send in submissions early and often!

 *actual Tony Toni Tone song lyrics. I know.


 – the Buttercups