Well hello, BCPers. This week we celebrated a year of BCPing. I still remember vividly our first group chat, more than a year ago, when we mapped out this whole blogging adventure and I laughed very hard at the hilarious and savvy ideas we came up with that day.

Blogging is tough to do, particularly if you have a full-time job and a lot on your plate. I apologize for not being around much lately — my life has not been my own for various reasons.

But BCP, and the women behind it and the people who read it, mean the world to me. So I thought this would be a good time to run down all that I’ve managed to achieve since we started, thanks in no small measure to the supportive blogging sisters I have here, and the awesome commenters who always show up with kind words.

1. I managed to kick my heartbreak to the curb once and for all. It only took two years! And now I’m at that sweet point where, for the most part, I feel complete indifference towards my ex-husband with the odd bit of disbelief that I ever married him.

2. I briefly dated a control freak loser stalkery dickhead and for once in my life, rather than telling myself I should just be grateful someone wants to go out with me and simply tolerating his bullshit, I shut that loser down fast,  decisively, honestly and unflinchingly. I actually used the words:  “It’s not me, it’ s you.” And it felt good, because for most of my life I have always blamed myself when things don’t work out.

3. Stemming from this, I allowed myself to love someone back who has loved me unfailingly and unconditionally for years and is the polar opposite of the dickhead above. Trouble is I never, ever see him, but that’s good, because I am not at all into a full-time boyfriend.

4. I packed up my life, my house, my kid and moved to another country, the first time in my life I had ever lived anywhere but Toronto, for an awesome job that exhausts but thrills me.

5. I learned how to totally take care of myself in every way, relying on no one for nothing.

6. I cast aside old friendships and associations that weren’t very healthy for me anymore — the misery junkies, the underminers, the narcissists, I had a few — and instead focused on the new and treasured friends who are always so kind, supportive and positive. You know who you are! All of my girls, Tanya, Gail, etc.

It’s been quite a year, bitches! Here’s to many more on Buttercup Punch!