Man, what a year.  From the stoned out, boozed up madness of a group chat came the idea to start ButtercupPunch, and despite the challenges of full time working/living/blogging, I wouldn’t change any of it.  I have learned so much from my co-bloggers and had so much fun along the way.  We collaborate on ideas, we edit for each other and not a day goes by that we don’t talk to each other, despite all being located hundreds of miles apart.  So before I get to my reader picks, I would like to take a moment to celebrate my bitches – holla.

My commie love, after the jump.


Sweetness, where have you been??  COME BACK IN TIME FOR FOOSEBALL OKAY?


You have bad ass tats, you went to Rock The Bells and you’re a fellow toker – YOU ROCK.


Sassy, sassy, sassy.  You know how I know? Because I know your cousin, and that bitch is the shit.


Our fellow blue dot in a Lone Star sea of red.  We haven’t seen you in ages, though.  Please come back, I promise I’ll change!  I promise I’ll be better!  I’ll do that thing you like, baby!!  I’ll do whatever you waaaaaaaant!


From waaaaay back in the days of that Other blog where we met, you always get what I’m saying.   Plus, never has a screenname fit someone so well in the loving-est way possible.


Woman, you are FEISTY and I love you for it.  I think we have some family upbringing tales of trauma we could likely commiserate on too, so next time I come to see that hooker Trixie I’mma make sure we all meet for a drink.


Mah Puffa.  There is no one like you, babe.  You helped us to spread the word when we first started our little blog and your support has meant the world to me.  For the children of course, and The Iraq., such as, Truman.


You, Miss Thang.  I always like reading your comments ‘cuz you be snarktastic and on point.  Hold it down, girl.


A down-n-dirty bad girl with a heart as big as the ocean she lives by.  There is never enough MBB in my day, never change.


I like to think this blog is not completely born of vaginal love, but with four female bloggers what do you expect?  Still, hearing from our male readers always makes me happy, so thanks for being brave enough to join in.


To BCP Contributors:  the SugarWalls gang and BritneyCanadaWhore – a big, fat, spicy, Murmphis cheeto kiss for you hookers.


Honorable mentions to The Domina, Tanya Espanya, Macloserboy, badenbaden, The Guvnah, The Mayor of Bethville, DorothyZ, AmazonRedHeadedUberVixen, inchworm, LipstickLibrarian, Coopergirl, BeckySharper, PicklesInMyTuna, LaLaLand13 and London_Calling.  We love all of you and thank you from the bottom of our bloggy hearts for coming to see us every day!!