Today I noticed Firefox was telling me something: my “most visited” blog, other than BCP, was this one, The Pioneer Woman.

Given I have long yearned to be a farmhouse wife, I suppose this makes sense. My favorite books growing up were the “Little House” books. I still have a rich fantasy life that involves farming my own land,  milking my own cows, churning my own butter and hanging out my clothes to dry in the sun. Of course, the farm husband in this fantasy is Robert Redford from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Remember when he removed Katherine Ross’s petticoat? Yes, THAT Robert Redford. (A common, lifelong sexual fantasy involves sexytimes with Sundance on a blizzardy night under the blankets after he has seductively removed my petticoat in our bedroom in our little house on the prairie as a fire roars in the woodstove and the chill’uns sleep soundly — oh yes.)

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes. Anyway, Ree is a modern-day pioneer woman, and I so covet her life except for the whole “home-schooling” thing. Uhhh … no thanks. But other than that, it seems like such a wonderful life. Her kids are adorable, her husband is hot, her animals are cute and abundant and her newly renovated ranch house is to die for. But, more than anything, it’s her recipes that keep me coming back.  Visit her website and click on the cooking section and you will be treated to an array of fantastic, down-home comfort foods that are beautifully photographed. It’s no wonder she’s working on a cookbook. I have made lots of her recipes, and there’s never been anything that wasn’t fantastic.

Tonight, it’s these barbecued meatballs. As she says, they’re totally ’60s, but so what — they look fantastic. I am desperately trying to get my son out of his boring five-meal dinner rotation routine: tacos, steak, two pasta dishes, chicken teriyaki — and so I told him he is eating these tonight and he WILL enjoy them. I personally cannot wait to start making and then eating them. Too bad Sundance can’t come over and then remove my petticoat after the young’un has gone to bed.

p.s. The weird thing about that Redford fantasy is, in fact, is that I’ve never in real life been attracted to blue-eyed blonds. I have always preferred olive-skin Mediterranean types. Huh.

p.p.s. “Butch Cassidy” is in my Top Five list of all-time favorite movies. I watch it every six months. It never, ever gets old to me. “Who the hell ARE those guys??” Not only are they the two finest looking men to ever grace the silver screen — Newman, OH MY GOD — but the movie is amazing.