Normally, if you offered to show me a video of a high school kid doing his best Slim Shady in aid of his Student Body President campaign (and a kid from one of my local high schools, no less), my reaction would be… unenthused.

If you then told me that an Abraham Lincoln costume and a clown were involved, you might spark some interest.  If you further elaborated and said that the dorkily awesome kid uses no misogyny, fake guns, or cusswords, but sticks with humor and a truly solid beat, I would mull it over.  If you finally promised that he keeps it perfectly timed at a tidy two-and-a-half minutes, you’d have my full attention.  Behold, Andrew Edison for Student Body President in “A Vote For Me”:

You win, kid.  I would definitely have voted for you, and wanted you to be my senior prom date.  Call me.  On the telephone.