Yes!  Eminem is finally releasing his new album and I can’t wait to hear it.  This is the first video from the new album, ‘Relapse’.  As is typical for Slim Shady, he is poking fun at celebs who court the tabloids and while the hook of the song is not my favorite, the lyrics are Marshall Mathers all the way.

I really like Eminem as a rapper and entertainer because he uses his own experiences with life for his material, real shit that really happened and had real effects.  I am not forced to sit through bullshit lines about bling (jewelry), whips (cars), dubs (rims), rep(reputation) or scrippers and making it rain (tossing paper money at strippers exotic dancers).  His rhymes are enjoyably inventive and I can appreciate his skills as a storyteller AND a dope rapper.  And the best part is, NO AUTO-TUNE SHIT.  At least, I fucking hope not.

This one has been playing on Shade45 – I like it better than the first one.