Thursday!  A little recession rhyme from Cam’Ron.

 (I did have something for yesterday, but, uh, I realized when I was almost all the way to work that my skirt had migrated up to my crotch and my buttercup yellow bloomers had been on display for 6 blocks.  soooo yeah, that kinda took the wind out of my normally cocky sails.)



Tuesday!  Let’s keep it going:

If this doesn’t make you want to shake and shimmy your ass, well, you need more soul in your life.  I walked to work this morning with a bounce in my step and a sway to mah ass.


Morning Y’all,

Let’s kick this week in the can, the theme for this week will be Kick Ass Music, the hype you up-fuck all the haters-do the damn thing wit yo bad self kinda tunes.  Whatever makes you feel 20 stories tall as you head into your day, ya dig?  As my awesome friend SigourneyFever says, “because fuck Monday, that’s why”.