Bitches, I am sorry I have been out of touch this week. This week, mid-booty call, I found out that I have to be out of this house that I LOVE a year earlier than expected. I only signed a year lease, it’s true, but the agent told me that was only because there was a slim chance that the owners’ foreign posting might be up earlier than they thought and so I would very likely be able to stay for two.

But no. Out by the summer. Which means the second move in a year. And moving is fun, no? I LOVE IT!!!

Anyway, not only did the news put a serious damper on my booty call because I burst into tears right when things were getting hot and heavy after I made the mistake of picking up my berry, but it also meant I have spent the week frantically scouring my ‘hood for places to move into this summer. There are only two places right now for rent. I think one is going to be beyond my price range because it is in a part of this town that is so swank and exclusive, I didn’t even know it existed. Seriously huge and beautiful old mega-mansions with this little rambler tucked in among them.  The other one looks like it might be dumpy inside.

So that’s where I’m at. Right as I am in the midst of dealing with two countries’ taxmen, both of whom are after me for a ton of cash, my son and I find out we have to leave this dreamy house. We are fairly heartbroken. Sorry for the absence. I am in a mid-freakout!!!

p.s. That’s my bedroom up there. It’s the prettiest bedroom I’ve ever had in my life. It has brought me peace and serenity and comfort with its pretty pale-blue wall colour. I love it so much. SOB.

p.p.s. I realize my problems are minuscule compared to the problems others are facing right now. I apologize. I just needed a day or two to feel sorry for myself. I’ll shake it off.