Things that I am over:

– Celebrity Twitters. That Courtney Love one  broke my brain.

– Tax Season.

– Easter. Even with all that candy, I can’t suppress my ‘meh’.

– Michael Bay movies. No, I will not be seeing Transformers 2. I thought we exhausted the whole bigshow-improbable-actiony-summer-popcorn-bukkake genre in the early aughts. No? Just me? OK then, one final word: Sam Raimi. Spider-Man 3. I thought so.

– The Anna-Paquin’s-teef-sized gaps between new Gossip Girl eps. The fuck is with that? Which brings me to the thing that I am over the most:

– Urban Outfitters.

Jump, please.


BONUS! Another thing I am also most certainly over:

-Karen O. As much as I enjoy the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ music, I am really just sick to pieces of seeing her tired mop of helmet hair, her harsh makeup and increasingly ‘ridiculous for ridiculousness’ sake’ outfits. Please just tell me I’m not a complete asshole for kind of hating the whole studied, contrived sight of her. More to masticate upon mentally: she may or may not have paved the way for Lady GaGa’s runaway success. Really, mull that one over.


OK, I’ll be over here. Running the kids off my lawn with a Super Soaker full of PolyDent. Don’t mind me.