This weekend I did something brave — I tackled my linen closet. I have a walk-in linen closet, if you can believe it. I’d never had one before, but apparently I needed one, because I moved enough bedding for 10 households when I moved to the U.S.

I blame the fact that there was no previous major linen culling on the circumstances of my move here. It happened fast, and while I was out of town on business, my company hired one of those moving companies that just comes in and packs up everything in sight. And back home, I did have a wall of cabinetry that was stuffed to the gills with linens, and they grabbed and packed up every scrap.

Going through my linens here, knowing I have to move again in two months, was quite the eyeopener.

To whit. I have:

15 duvet covers

36 single fitted sheets

10 queen fitted sheets

14 thermal blankets

18 table cloths

35 towels and hand towels

Countless bedspreads and throw blankets

But the most astonishing is after the jump.

I have 68 pillow cases.

You heard me. Sixty-eight.

Now it’s true, at one point I lived in a home that housed six people. But still. More than 10 for each person? No. And yet I have pillowcases in every shape and size, in every color of the rainbow, floral-patterned pillowcases, striped ones, embroidered ones, Martha Stewart pillowcases, IKEA pillowcases, pillowcases from a great store in Montreal called Simon’s, beautiful white lacy pillowcases, flannel Canadiana pillowcases with moose and pine trees on them … it’s like a veritable pillowcase United Nations in my linen closet, and many of them I barely remember buying. I filled up seven green garbage bags of linens and the Value Village people are coming soon, but you know what?

I kept the pillowcases. I figure I’ll use them to wrap up dishes and other breakables when I move again. And then I’ll get rid of some of them. Maybe. Because some of them are so pretty!!!!!!! What I’d really like to do is find someone who could make a quilt out of them, because some of them are from my children’s babyhood, and from when I had two lovely stepchildren, and they remind me of happy times when I had a house full of laughing and occasionally brawling children.