Sooooo, today is President Obama’s 100th day in office and all these talking heads are just chomping at the bit to “grade” him.  Everybody has something to say about how well they think the man is doing, but I’m not too interested in that.  What I want to know is, if you could authorize, create and manage any position in the government that you wanted, as long as you are serving the country – what would you do?  Would you work to repair the economy?  Would you work to improve foreign relations?  Would you work to bring peace to the Middle East?  Would you work to reverse global genocide?  World hunger?  Environmental issues?  Healthcare?  Domestic terrorism?  Illegal drug trade?  Would you focus on safeguarding the food supply?  Maybe look to all the dirty peanut butter issues or field workers wiping their asses with lettuce?  Tell me.