Fellow lovers of wine, women, song, and British television:  If any of you were interested in checking out the BBC Comedy Pulling that I reviewed (post here), it appears that Season 1 is available on Netflix.  I’ll remind you of this:

Karen:  You alright, Louise?

Louise:  This is a nightmare.  It’s not psychologically healthy to have your mum do lesbian dancing with you to attract men.

Karen:  She’s gonna do more dancing now.  I just seen her slip an E up her arse.

Louise:  …I want to go home.

Karen:  Well, maybe she’s just letting off steam.  I mean, she just split up with her fella, so it’s only natural for her to…  Oh, my God!  Did I just see her drink her sick back out of that glass?

Louise:  Oh no, not the never-ending pint!

Karen:  (Horrified).  They’ll chuck us out for that!

If you do watch it, let me know what you think in the comments!  And remember, see the original first, in case the US version actually gets pulled together.