Feeling a little nauseated?  Maybe you ate a bad burrito, or that 8th Jack-and-Coke isn’t sitting in your stomach so well (you drunken whore).  Looking for something to tickle your gag reflex?  Then enjoy the trailer for the soaring epic “Come What May,” a story of one white boy’s brave battle to overturn Roe v. Wade, coming straight-to-DVD near you!:

If the trailer failed to spell out THE REAL ISSUES for you, here’s a plot summary from the film’s website:

With his mother a lawyer and his father a professor, Caleb Hogan has grown up understanding the importance of stating his case, backing it with facts, and choosing what’s right … Come What May.

This ability has served him well in his internship at his mother’s law firm and it has guided him to the college with the best Moot Court team. But has it prepared him to deal with the collision-course elements of the most important legal issue of our time?

When does life really begin?

Coming face-to-face with the realities and legalities of the abortion issue—both in preparation for the National Moot Court championship and as his mother prepares to argue a high-profile case before the Supreme Court—Caleb must decide what he truly believes.

Wherever he lands will have consequences. If he takes the pro-life argument, he stands to lose the most important competition of his life—and the support of his mother. If he follows his mother’s lead, he could win the coveted title … but lose the heart of his teammate Rachel in the process.

Along with her professor and classmates, Rachel not only understands the strength of the pro-life arguments, she believes them to her core. Life, from its beginning, exists to honor God. For Rachel, that plays out in her Moot Court arguments and in her daily life.

Can Caleb find that same conviction? Can he win the heart of Rachel in the process? While compromise might be the easiest solution, it could also be the most dangerous.

Come What May is a vivid reminder that choosing what’s right is never easy … but it’s always worth the cost.

“Come What May”…Showing at your next National Organization for Marriage community meeting!  You bring the popcorn, I’ll bring the vodka, cuz this is a party, baby!  WOOT!