Heya People,

I need some advice on moving, I’m trying to decide if I should use one of those PODS moving/storage deals.  This is a move covering several states, and there are a couple of variables.  Observe:

Option A: Rent UHaul and pack with essentials needed for 6 months of living in a rental.  This would be our bed, TV, couch, clothes, kitchen essentials.  The rest of our stuff would go into a POD, packed at our old place and then transported by the POD people (hee-hee) to their storage facility in our new state of residence.  We would need to store it for no longer than 6 months.  The objective here is to avoid packing/unpacking more than once.

Option B: Rent a big ass UHaul and load everything into, drive it and our vehicles to the new place (rental), and unpack.  Then, once we find a new house in the following 6 months, pack up everything again and make a cross town move.

Option C: Rent a big ass UHaul and load everything into, drive it and our vehicles to the new place (rental), and unpack only the 6 month essentials, storing the rest until we find a house.  Here, we could either:

C1: store in a POD for 6 months – they deliver the POD, you pack it at your pace, they pick it up and store it until you want it delivered to the new place.

C2:  store it in a regular storage place for 6 months – we would need to transport our stuff to the storage facility, load it all up, lock it up and when ready to retrieve, go back and unload it and get it over to the new place.

We have a friend who will help us pack our stuff up and go with us to help us unpack, but if need to move/unpack a second time we won’t have him, which is why I would like to only do the major moving once.  But, just between Option A and Option B we are already looking at a $1000 difference, and that doesn’t include 6 months of storage in Option A or the cost of renting a small truck for the cross town move in Option B.
Annnnd, just to throw more variables in the mix consider this:  if we intend to store the ‘non essentials’ offsite, I can look for a smaller and cheaper rental to live in for 6 months.  But, if we are going to keep ALL of our stuff with us, then I need to find a rental with either a garage or more square footage (extra rooms) to keep it all in, which would mean higher rent.

Basically, I think it comes down to convienience.  The PODS seem to offer the ease of packing/unpacking on your schedule, as opposed to the 5 or 7 days you get with a UHaul.  There is also the matter of not actually driving your stuff yourself, as the POD people (again, hee-hee) would move it (by freight I believe), but when I think about it the driving of the truck is not a big deal to me.  I’m really more concerned with a) having to pack/unpack more than once and b) price.

So, who has experience with using the PODS service?  Did you like it?  Hate it?  Was it worth the extra cost?